Monica D’Agostino, 563.3K Followers

Monica D’Agostino, known as @saltandsagenutrition on social media, is a Registered Dietitian with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Dietetics. She is a strong believer that you cannot achieve a healthy lifestyle without balance; you can eat vegetables, workout, and get your protein in, but if you are not spending time with friends and family and indulging every now and then, you will not be able to sustain your healthy habits. She believes that food is meant to be shared, enjoyed, and celebrated. Monica loves finding new ways to make my favorite foods healthier without sacrificing flavor. 

Monica started @saltandsagenutrition on Instagram a few years ago as a way to share recipes and nutrition info with friends and family. Her following was small for several years, and she often found herself struggling to grow her audience. “I was so focused on being “perfect” as a food blogger until one day I realized that just wasn’t working anymore. I decided to let my personality shine through. The truth is, I’m a 26-year-old who goes out on the weekends with my friends in the city and I am navigating balancing healthy habits with not-so-healthy habits just like everyone else,” Monica said.

As a dietitian, it is really easy to pretend that you need to be perfect all the time, but Monica knows that just is not realistic. She shared my viral “hangover lemonade” video and grew from 60 followers to 20,000 followers overnight. THEN she grew to 200,000 followers over the course of the next two weeks. Ever since, she has been sharing meal prep tricks, morning routines, and ideas about how to navigate a healthy lifestyle all while still enjoying time with friends and family. Her US-based following is 97.3% female, and she has loved building a community of women who are looking to improve their health but also continue to indulge in things that they enjoy.

Samar Kullab, 744.4K Followers

Samar Kullab is a Chicago-based Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master’s in Nutrition Science. Samar’s previous nutrition experiences include working in medical weight loss clinics, bariatric surgery, behavioral health, genetic and metabolic, ICU and outpatient facilities. She’s now a content creator who shares her nutrition knowledge on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. 

Her health and wellness philosophy is two things — progress, not perfection, aiming to help others make sustainable and realistic diet changes that will lead them to a new lifestyle rather than another phase and a whole-body approach — taking into consideration that stress level, sleep patterns, mental health, physical activity, and diet habits all play a role when trying to reach a healthy lifestyle. With an audience that is 90% female and she aims to empower women to have a better relationship with food and their bodies. Her social media platforms are a space to promote good vibes and good health. 

Danielle Brown, 5.3M Followers

Danielle Brown is a popular vegan food blogger, content creator, certified holistic health coach, lifestyle influencer, and the face behind HealthyGirl Kitchen. She shares easy, delicious, trendy plant-based recipes, meal ideas, kitchen tips and tricks, wellness hacks, and healthy lifestyle inspiration with her 4.5 million social media followers.

She is in the top five most-followed vegan creators on TikTok. Danielle’s viral social media content has caught the attention of Business Insider, Elite Daily, PopSugar, BuzzFeed, VegNews, and more!

Sarah Grace, MS, RD, 704K Followers

Sarah Grace Meck is a registered dietician, ex-D1 athlete and a business mentor on a mission to empower women and cut through the falsified nutrition noise. She has a thriving online business where she helps nutritionists like herself create their own businesses online. She is the founder of Fresh Fit N Healthy and the author of Chasing Freedom. She began her entrepreneur career with TikTok and Instagram accounts to help others reach their potential healthy lifestyle.

Amanda Meixner, 1.53M Followers

Amanda inspires others to makes changes to help them live a fuller and healthier life. She has turned her extensive fitness and health knowledge into a successful social media influencing career with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and a podcast called Master Your Health that have an 85% female audience.

From senior social media strategist at BeachBody, to running her own entity, this nutrition, fitness, wellness and funky dancing guru understands living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Her goal is to simplify what can be a daunting task.

Amanda authored a best selling e-book 101 Healthy Snacks which sells over 1,000 copies per month organically and for those who prefer an app based format, she is the top producing influencer and the content strategist behind MealPlan App.

Amanda is currently the nutrition face of Fabletics, inspiring over 11 million women worldwide to live a better life filled with positivity. She also serves as a spokesperson for the Wonderful Pistachios Company helping people snack healthy everywhere.