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The Digital Renegades has a diverse and deep background in corporate consulting and assisting its clients with delving into core questions, concerns and business issues.   It is as simple as battling with a competitor who has hired a famous athlete, or dealing with the realities of a brand’s messaging going stale; The Digital Renegades is an advocate for utilizing Celebrities as the vessel to deliver companies, brands and services.  The Digital Renegades has created a unique agency environment steeped in the art of consulting its clients not just being an “outsourcer” or Talent buying agency like some of the bigger agencies in NYC and LA.   Our brand of corporate consulting has been fine-tuned through years of observing companies and agencies gratuitously buy Celebrities for all the wrong reasons.

Vanity, budget, familiarity, ego and poor advice from others are just a few of the reasons The Digital Renegades has become a valued ally to companies making major decisions and brand activation strategies based on the success of their Celebrity spokesperson to be able to deliver against various Matrix.   Whether your goals and objectives are:

  • PR
  • Brand awareness
  • Trial
  • Conversion from a Competitor’s product
  • Social media activation
  • Develop or increase relevancy
  • New product or brand launch

These are just a few reasons our clients utilize Celebrities to build their programs and garner positive customer perception.  The art of Celebrity Acquisition for The Digital Renegades clients involves a deep dive into their past, present and help design the future with their existing agencies.  The Digital Renegades seamlessly integrates itself with your existing agencies creating a low friction immersion and execution.   When you need an expert to analyze your existing polling and data or go out and find new information that positions a decision for success, The Digital Renegades understands the importance of finding, vetting and acquiring the best Celebrity fit for your brand, company, service or program!


If you would like a free consultation on celebrities, influencers, campaigns, ideas or anything else please contact us at or call The Digital Renegades  at (833) 773-8577.

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