Corre Larkin, (@cocolarkincooks), 287K+ Followers

Corre was born in Sun Valley, ID and raised in Newport Beach, CA. She played sports at a high level growing up and played D1 volleyball at Brown University, where she was also just inducted into their Hall of Fame. At 23, she moved from LA to London and lived there for nearly a decade. She started her first company there, met her husband, traveled the world, and learned how to cook in London. She has been traveling to Capri, Italy almost every summer since she was 25. A number of her recipes are from that region or have been taught to her by people there. She and her husband Matt have been together since they were 24. They got married in Capri in 2011 and have 2 kids, Coco (9) and Bear (7). They moved back to Newport Beach in 2010. She started a defense contracting company selling armored glass to the military in 2011. She has a woman owned small business and sells directly to the US government. She recently sold her company in March of this year and retained equity. That is what she does in her day to day work. She also dabbles in selling antiques and vintage items on her Instagram page Corre.Marie. With all that she has done and accomplished… She feels like she is meant to work in the world of food. Doing what she is doing on Tiktok feels like she is finally on the path she was always meant to be on. She is highly driven, very successful, has incredibly high expectations of everything that she does, and works hard. She loves food- making it, eating it, and learning about it. She does nothing by halves.

Mark Drabich, (@metropolitanseafood), 229K+ Followers

Mark Drabich is a fishmonger by trade and a self-proclaimed “Big Chef” who just wants to assist the home cooks journey to “Little Chef.” Mark’s videos create unique and super easy cooking techniques for fresh seafood and multi-cultural fusion. 

Mark (aka The Funky Fishmonger) has been a Fishmonger for the last 36 years. During that time, he has created over 2,000 recipes for his clients to take the mystery out of cooking seafood at home. Mark’s Fish Market, Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet, has been featured on the Food Network, the New York Times, NJ Monthly, and countless other media outlets. Mark also has an email following of over 12,000 and more importantly has consistently garnished a 44% open rate.  Mark has been called upon to be the “Fish Expert” on many programs due to his vast years in the seafood business.  If you talk with Mark, it will only be a matter of time before he exclaims “Fresh Seafood is the last hunted food source on earth and that every fish brought out of the Ocean truly is a gift and to be treated as such.”

His entry into social media began when one of his clients simply asked him if he could demo some of his recipes in their home.  One of the guests enthusiastically recommended that he perform these dishes on social media and the rest is history.  Mark is in fact not a trained Chef but as he puts it a very hungry fishmonger trying to maintain his thickness.  He playfully uses the term “Little Chef” to denote the home cook who does not have the luxury of time that professional chefs have.  These recipes, although simple, are “Weekend Worthy” but do not require hours of planning.  Mark leans hard into the flavors of his Mediterranean Heritage and is one of the very few seafood chefs who can not only show you how to make the most remarkable “Spicy Mussels with Pancetta” but will answer the age-old question, “Why am I not wearing a Fedora and Scarf when I cook?” 

His delivery is passionate and sincere as he shows us his life mission statement in every dish.  Mission Statement: To be able to easily and  Lovingly Cook for those in your life with the sole purpose of “Getting Legs Under the Table” and promoting human kindness one full belly at a time.

Lexi and Beth, (@crowded_kitchen), 721K+ Followers

Lexi Harrison and Beth Sinclair, co-founders of Crowded Kitchen, are a mother-daughter team from Southeast Michigan. Crowded Kitchen was born from the desire to share how their family comes together around the dinner table, despite multiple dietary preferences. Crowded Kitchen reaches millions of people each month with easy, approachable dinner and dessert recipes, as well as creative cocktail and entertaining recipes.

Jason Ortynski, (@JortsKitchen), 1.2M+ Followers

Small town guy with an appetite for variety.

After spending nearly a decade in Advertising and Marketing, Jason decided to take his skills and
merge them with his love of cooking. Thus Jorts Kitchen was born and amassed 1 million
followers across all platforms in under a year.

Growing up, Jason’s entire family bonded over food. It was at the center of all their gatherings. It took
him 29 years to figure out that not only does he love eating food, but further loves creating it as well.
Getting bored of all the same old recipes and barbecue that people make, Jorts Kitchen sets out to prove that there are still recipes that haven’t been invented yet. It’s Jason’s mission to inspire people that they can get creative with food and come up with something that’s never been tasted before.

Kelly Scott (@kellyscleankitchen), 1.7M+ Followers

Chef Kelly Scott is a professional chef, culinary instructor, and nutrition focused creator behind Kelly’s Clean Kitchen. She was professionally trained at the country’s best culinary school, The Culinary Institute of America and has worked in multiple restaurants before starting her company in 2020. It is Kelly’s mission to educate others on how to cook and also help them find a passion through food!

The journey of getting to cooking was a roller coaster for Kelly. In her sophomore year as a D1 college volleyball player, she suffered a traumatic brain injury that disqualified her from college athletics. Her passion was in volleyball, so when that was ripped away she fell into a depression and a lesser known eating disorder, orthorexia.

Because she didn’t trust anyone else to cook her food, she began cooking for herself. Through the process of cooking, she gained a new passion and started loving food again. Cooking was a huge part of pulling her out of her eating disorder and getting her on the road to recovery. With this new passion, she decided to attend The Culinary Institute of America after her undergrad.

At the CIA she was one of 4 women in her graduating class, was nominated class leader throughout her two years there, and graduated with honors and the top of her class in 2019. She was also able to work for multiple restaurants during her time at The CIA and shortly after that helped her grow her skills and expertise in the kitchen.

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, she decided to leave the restaurant industry to create her own business, Kelly’s Clean Kitchen, with the hope of working more closely with people to inspire them to cook better through lessons, or eat healthier through her meal services.

Since the start of her business she has become a sought after private chef in Orange County, California, has created her own culinary curriculum for students she works one on one with, and creates educational cooking videos on her channels to help inspire others to cook in the kitchen!

Her first cookbook, The Basics of Cooking, was published in November of 2022 and teaches the essential fundamentals of cooking that everyone should know through in-depth methodology, recipes, and video tutorials about everything you learn in the book!

Her mission is to help others find a passion and love in cooking and eating well through her educational videos and books and partnerships.

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