Johnny Drinks, 4M+ Followers

With over 4 million followers, Johnny Drinks is the one of the most well known father/son duos on social media. What started as just a son recording his dad making a cocktail has turned into a brand that leaves their audience wanting more. Now, two years later, the two continue to create content that excites, educates, and inspires.

Whether it’s traveling, cooking, or making incredible cocktails – the father and son duo continue to leave their fans asking for more. Their videos aim to help people not only be a great host with their creative twists on drinks, but also to demonstrate some of the fundamental and traditional values their family cherishes. 

What separates this duo from other creators is not just the variety of their content such as their cocktails, lifestyle tips, POV videos and more, but their ability to create engaging short form as well as long form content. With over 2.85 million TikTok and IG followers as well as 1.12 million subscribers on YouTube, their audience continues to grow and they have created a community around Johnny Drinks.

Ayat Sleymann (@momnutritionist), MS, RDN, 327K Followers

Ayat is a mom, Registered Dietitian (RD), content creator, and blog writer. Ayat’s mission is to inspire moms to prioritize their health through nutrition, self-care, and personal growth despite their busy schedules. 

She shares meal prep ideas, easy recipes, routines, habits, real mom truths and lifestyle hacks that moms can implement in their daily life to help them accomplish their health goals without sacrificing family time.

Ayat created The Mom Nutritionist brand with the core philosophy that a healthy relationship with food, your body, and your self is the foundation to being a healthy mom, and in turn, raise a healthy family.

Ayat often writes for Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle blog, Poosh, Newsweek, Eating Well, PopSugar, and has been featured on Good Morning America, Daily Mail, Eat This, Not That and more.

Alex Mejia(, 2.4M+ Followers

Alex, also known as BigEats was born & bread in L.A and that’s where his flavors come from. Most of his inspiration comes from the passion for food that he’s had since he was a kid. Very often he eats at his local restaurant, remakes them and adds some of his Latin roots to those dishes at home. The results: viral sensation like his homemade Tapatio chips, Beignets, Birria Dumplings, Concha Cupcakes and many more. BigEats video style is precise, clean, and consistent.

Katie Larimore, 464k Followers

Katie is a California girl with a big appetite and a passion for experimenting in the kitchen. She loves expressing her creativity through food – focusing on recipes that are full of color and flavor. Katie shares simple, nourishing, plant-packed recipes with her audience – who especially love her easy, healthier dessert recipes. 

Timothy Reynolds, 879K Followers

Join Timothy, also known as “That Cast Iron Guy”, on a cast iron cooking adventure! Tim, a 26 year old Hoosier, considers himself an at-home cast iron chef on a budget. Tim enjoys using simple ingredients to bring bold flavors to comfort food and southern classics. He is also the author of the cookbook, “That Cast Iron Guy’s Kitchen”. 

Tim’s passion for cooking began in his early twenties. He purchased his first cast iron skillet at age 22, and fell in love. Tim uses cast iron to create all of his dishes, but more recipes can be made in other types of cookware as well. Tim is a self-taught cook, and states that all of his cooking knowledge came from social media, reading, cooking shows, and much trial and error in the kitchen!

Tim’s TikTok channel, That Cast Iron Guy, really took off in March of 2021 after posting a viral video of him making an upside down iron pizza. That Cast Iron Guy’s following has been steadily increasing ever since! Outside of the kitchen, Tim loves spending time with his family and in the outdoors. And of course don’t forget the, Hell Yeah!