JortsKitchen, 1.04M+ Followers

Small town guy with an appetite for variety.

After spending nearly a decade in Advertising and Marketing, Jason decided to take his skills and
merge them with his love of cooking. Thus Jorts Kitchen was born and amassed 1 million
followers across all platforms in under a year.

Growing up, Jason’s entire family bonded over food. It was at the center of all their gatherings. It took
him 29 years to figure out that not only do I love eating food, but further loves creating it as well.
Getting bored of all the same old recipes and barbecue that people make, Jorts Kitchen sets out to prove that there are still recipes that haven’t been invented yet. It’s Jason’s mission to inspire people that they
can get creative with food and come up with something that’s never been tasted before.

Kelly Scott (@chefkelly), 880k+ Followers

Chef Kelly Scott is a professional chef, culinary instructor, and nutrition focused creator behind Kelly’s Clean Kitchen. She was professionally trained at the country’s best culinary school, The Culinary Institute of America and has worked in multiple restaurants before starting her company in 2020. It is Kelly’s mission to educate others on how to cook and also help them find a passion through food!

The journey of getting to cooking was a roller coaster for Kelly. In her sophomore year as a D1 college volleyball player, she suffered a traumatic brain injury that disqualified her from college athletics. Her passion was in volleyball, so when that was ripped away she fell into a depression and a lesser known eating disorder, orthorexia.

Because she didn’t trust anyone else to cook her food, she began cooking for herself. Through the process of cooking, she gained a new passion and started loving food again. Cooking was a huge part of pulling her out of her eating disorder and getting her on the road to recovery. With this new passion, she decided to attend The Culinary Institute of America after her undergrad.

At the CIA she was one of 4 women in her graduating class, was nominated class leader throughout her two years there, and graduated with honors and the top of her class in 2019. She was also able to work for multiple restaurants during her time at The CIA and shortly after that helped her grow her skills and expertise in the kitchen.

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, she decided to leave the restaurant industry to create her own business, Kelly’s Clean Kitchen, with the hope of working more closely with people to inspire them to cook better through lessons, or eat healthier through her meal services.

Since the start of her business she has become a sought after private chef in Orange County, California, has created her own culinary curriculum for students she works one on one with, and creates educational cooking videos on her channels to help inspire others to cook in the kitchen!

Her first cookbook, The Basics of Cooking, was published in November of 2022 and teaches the essential fundamentals of cooking that everyone should know through in-depth methodology, recipes, and video tutorials about everything you learn in the book!

Her mission is to help others find a passion and love in cooking and eating well through her educational videos and books and partnerships.

Tineke Younger (@tinekeyounger), 2.7M+ Followers

Tineke started cooking in 2019 when joining a culinary program at her local technical center just because she would get to try the food, however she fell in love with it almost instantly. Tineke knew this is what she wanted to do for a living, as her passion for cooking gave her the courage to share her recipes via social media.

Tineke’s first viral video came when she posted a video asking her boyfriend what he wanted for dinner, to which he responded steak mac n cheese. Without thinking anything of it Tineke recorded herself preparing the food and the video took off – getting over 14 millions views and gained Tineke over 300k followers in less than a week.Now Tineke has her own cookbook titled Cooking for My Boyfriend where you can find her famous steak mac n cheese recipe, and she also is a contestant on the upcoming 2nd season of Next Level Chef.

Johnny Drinks, 4M+ Followers

With over 4 million followers, Johnny Drinks is the one of the most well known father/son duos on social media. What started as just a son recording his dad making a cocktail has turned into a brand that leaves their audience wanting more. Now, two years later, the two continue to create content that excites, educates, and inspires.

Whether it’s traveling, cooking, or making incredible cocktails – the father and son duo continue to leave their fans asking for more. Their videos aim to help people not only be a great host with their creative twists on drinks, but also to demonstrate some of the fundamental and traditional values their family cherishes. 

What separates this duo from other creators is not just the variety of their content such as their cocktails, lifestyle tips, POV videos and more, but their ability to create engaging short form as well as long form content. With over 2.85 million TikTok and IG followers as well as 1.12 million subscribers on YouTube, their audience continues to grow and they have created a community around Johnny Drinks.

Ayat Sleymann (@momnutritionist), MS, RDN, 327K Followers

Ayat is a mom, Registered Dietitian (RD), content creator, and blog writer. Ayat’s mission is to inspire moms to prioritize their health through nutrition, self-care, and personal growth despite their busy schedules. 

She shares meal prep ideas, easy recipes, routines, habits, real mom truths and lifestyle hacks that moms can implement in their daily life to help them accomplish their health goals without sacrificing family time.

Ayat created The Mom Nutritionist brand with the core philosophy that a healthy relationship with food, your body, and your self is the foundation to being a healthy mom, and in turn, raise a healthy family.

Ayat often writes for Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle blog, Poosh, Newsweek, Eating Well, PopSugar, and has been featured on Good Morning America, Daily Mail, Eat This, Not That and more.