Danielle Brown, 1.4M Followers

Danielle Brown is a popular vegan food blogger, content creator, certified holistic health coach,
lifestyle influencer and the face behind HealthyGirl Kitchen. She shares easy, delicious, trendy
plant-based recipes, meal ideas, kitchen tips and tricks, wellness hacks and healthy lifestyle
inspiration with her 1.4 Million social media followers. She is in the top five most followed
vegan creators on TikTok. Danielle’s viral social media content has caught the attention of
Business Insider, Elite Daily, PopSugar, BuzzFeed, VegNews and more!

Kelly Cooks Texas, 252K Followers

Kelly’s Love Language is cooking & her unique, TexMex, Southern dishes will certainly spice up your kitchen! The food Kelly prepares has no limits! Some of her most popular videos include her Oven Queso, Jalapeno Ranch Dip, Breakfast Sandwich, Breakfast Tacos, Chicken Fried Rice & Get Well Soup.

Kelly enjoys cooking and sharing meals with her family and friends. Along with a very extended family, Kelly has five children. With an active home and life, she enjoys the ever-changing appetites and recipe suggestions of her friends, family & followers. 

Kelly also has a background in photography, marketing, and local government. Serving as a City Council Person in “Small Town, Texas”, she is dedicated to the betterment of her community.

One of Kelly’s children has a rare genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome (AS). As such, she is a passionate activist for AS and has created a renowned anti-inflammatory diet that improves the quality of life of those with AS. Be on the lookout for new recipes showcasing this diet.

Kelly is an immensely proud 8th generation Texan. These roots and Kelly’s love for cooking are prevalent in her cooking style. Because of the Hispanic influence on Texan culture & food, you’ll see many of Kelly’s dishes prepared with a twist of Tex-Mex. Her favorite ingredients are garlic, cilantro & jalapeno!

Amassing close to a quarter of a million followers already on TikTok, her profile is continuing to grow as her fans become family. They cannot get enough of her unique recipe combinations and warm welcome vibes.  In addition to a rapidly growing TikTok, fans have been flooding to her YouTube channel where she gives FULL recipes and makes it easy for anyone to replicate her meals to impress their friends and family.  Those who do make her recipes can’t help but say “& Wah-la”.

Daven Gates, 1.2M Followers

Besides being a US soldier, Daven is also one of the most popular food influencers across social media. No matter what kind of food you are looking for, Daven’s content is sure to leave your mouth-watering. Whether you are in the mood for chicken, cod, lambchops, salmon, taco’s, smoothies or even donuts, Daven has the video for you.

Already having over 1.2 million followers on TikTok in addition to nearly 48K followers on Instagram, Daven’s accounts have grown at a rapid rate since beginning his social media journey. What separates Daven from other food creators isn’t just the incredible quality of the meals he prepares, but the variety of food he creates. Whether you want a healthy snack, an elegant dinner or a sweet dessert, you can find it all on his social media accounts. Keep a look out for his cookbook coming out September 30th!

Melissa Jo, 1M Followers

Melissa shares her recipes and life style finds with her followers regularly on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. She has been a home cook for 20 years, so sharing her love of food and family comes easy to her! I have recently become a part of the Amazon Live Creator Program, and quickly reached A-List status. She regularly goes Live with her audience and shares her Amazon finds and lifestyle tips. She also appears on the Amazon app, so she regularly reaches new audiences and shares her lifestyle fashion, beauty, and home-cooking tips and finds!

Brand Campaigns/Collaborations:

· A-List Amazon Live Creator

· Amazon Fashion Influencer

· Amazon Beauty Influencer

· Ninja Shark

· Ben’s Original Rice

· M&M’s Mars Confectionary

· Heinz

· Window Intermittent Fasting

· Thrive Market

· Home Chef

· On-Cor Frozen Foods (multiple contracts and products)

· Thrive Market

· Fisher Nuts

· Flat Tummy Tea

· Trilogy Threads Boutique

· Dr. Brandts Skin Care

· Beauty Gaze

· The Coldest Water Bottle

· Elechomes Air Fryer

· Elechomes Dehydrator

· Koche System Pressure Cooker

· Brala’s Dip and Spread


· LittMitts

Chef Alexander Dispense, 850K Followers

​​After 10 years of working in some of America’s best kitchens, Alexander Dispence founded Supchef, where he has grown his page to 795K followers. A food and lifestyle brand showcasing Alex’s culinary talents, favorite foods, his hometown of Buffalo, NY and the lifestyle of a chef and content creator. 

Even better than the viral feta pasta, check out his burrata pasta video! 

To book Alexander, email Christina Brennan at Christina@celebexperts.com.

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