Trazia Rae Launches Her Own Limited Edition Indoor Herb Garden Kit: Raes The Roots

Social Media star Trazia Rae (2.4 Million total followers) has had her own garden for many years, both indoors and outdoors. After thousands of her community members asked her about her in-home garden, an idea was born. Trazia, who loves sharing her inspiring tips and tricks on so many different areas of living in a house, apartment, or even an RV, is launching her first ever, indoor herb garden kit, under her brand: Raes the Roots. 

Trazia is thrilled to finally be launching her line in partnership with her managers Evan Morganstein and Christina Brennan, and Global Merchandise Company Zagwear (hyperlink) who custom manufactures products for target markets.

Trazia has always been a leader in the DIY space, and now she is taking it to a whole new level. “Gardening has always held a special place in my heart. There’s no comparison to growing & enjoying your homegrown produce; from seed to plate in every bite” Says Trazia. This limited edition kit features a variety of herbs from Cilantro Seeds, to Lavender Seeds, and Rosemary Seeds, which are all ingredients she features in many of her food, drink, and haircare recipes. Previously, she has done national brand campaigns with companies such as ALDI, Pique, and Folgers, and has seen incredible success and engagement, contributing to her exponential follower growth over the past few years. 

Zagwear CEO Toby Zacks adds, “We are excited to partner with Trazia Rae on this project.  She is an incredible person and social media star. We enjoy bringing products to market that represent her authenticity.”

This limited edition while supplies last line is sure to be a hit because it is sustainable, aesthetic, as well as designed to be easy and reusable, but also giving access to certain herbs even when they are not in season. People are always looking for products that make their lives easier, and save them money, and those are the exact benefits Trazia is providing. The product launches (insert date) and each jar is sold at $29.95, or you can bundle all 3 for $79.99 (not including shipping, handling, or taxes). This equates to being much less than you would spend constantly buying these herbs from your local grocery store, and much more freshness and flavor! 

The kit allows you to keep planting your favorite herbs, with no knowledge of gardening or even leaving your house. The best part is, that whether you forget to water, or over water, you’re covered. This self-watering herb kit features a vintage-inspired mason jar outfitted with a passive hydroponic system known as “wicking,” which brings water and nutrients up to the plant’s roots. All you need to do is add water and set it by a sunny window!

In Trazia’s collection each seed is also paired with a different colored jar to ensure there is also no confusion when it comes time to use your herbs. The Cilantro Seeds are in an Emerald jar, whereas the jar for Lavender Seeds is Purple, and the Ice Green jar is Rosemary Seeds. It doesn’t get better or easier than this. 

After years of running out of herbs just before cooking a meal, excess dollars spent at the grocery store, and trying to garden in the cold winter, Trazia knew she needed a solution, and one that would actually work long term. These Indoor Herb Garden Kits that solution, however, they are limited. At checkout customers will also receive a surprise, making their purchase even more special and meaningful. Be sure to run to and get yours while supplies last!