Do you know what’s really in the food on your breakfast table?

After rapidly growing her platform with iconic food combinations and recipes, as well as starring on The Food Network, Licensed and Registered Dietitian, Samar Kullab (840,000 total followers) appeared on a segment of Mornings in America to speak about how to better balance your meals. In this segment she discussed the findings from two shocking studies; one suggesting a potential association between niacin added to breakfast cereals and heart disease, while the other one indicates that excessive protein consumption could have detrimental effects on heart health. 

Too much of any vitamin or mineral isn’t healthy, too little isn’t healthy either. You want to find that perfect middle ground, which is why consuming foods in moderation is so important. For example, “when eating a complex carb such as bread or pasta,balancing it out with a source of protein and a healthy source of fat.”

Samar says that we should absolutely not be cutting anything out, and emphasizes how important it is to still indulge in the foods we love. However, when we are eating something like a bowl of cereal, we don’t just want to eat that on its own; we might want to put it in a parfait or have it with milk and fruit so that we are getting all the different nutrients needed. 

Samar is also the Queen of snack and breakfast boxes. She comes up with healthy alternatives and creative combinations to make eating intuitively fun, easy, and enjoyable. Recently she has been making all sorts of boxes from protein pancakes, fresh fruit, and deviled eggs, to smoked salmon, and light cream cheese paired with bell peppers, whole wheat crackers, and blueberries. 

Let’s get rid of the stigma that eating right is boring and challenging. Follow Samar on all socials @chicago.dietitian to stay up to date with her healthy choices and recommendations, and contact her manager for any partnership inquiries! 

We are so excited to see what she does next.