We love when our Renegades get together and our brand partners do too! They are always working to create the best new recipes with one another, and are constantly feeding off of each other’s ideas for inspiration. Why have one when you can have both?!

RDNs Samar Kullab(917,000 total followers) and Ayat Sleymann(783,000 total followers), are always collaborating whether it be creating new, fun recipes, showing off their self care routines, or explaining their friendship journey. Most recently they partnered with North Carolina SweetPotatoes to show that you can make delicious treats that are also nutritious! Together they came up with a healthy take on cupcakes that doesn’t even feel like an alternative to the traditional sugar packed treat.

Both Samar and Ayat are always trying out new recipes that not only taste good, but make them feel good too. When they get together the ideas are limitless, and that is why they are the perfect package. Aside from this partnership, they have also teamed up with Wasa and Incredible Egg to create easy, on the go, healthy snacks that are protein packed and low in calories. Their individual contributions are incredible, however when put together, they produce content and recipes that are tastier, more nutritious, and more creative. Their incredible relationship with one another translates to incredible partnerships. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to collaborate with them and see what new ideas they come up with for your brand. 

Besides for getting together, it is always awesome to see our Renegades personalize each others recipes, and give them with their own special touches. Recently Darryl Postelnick(3.3 Million total followers) aka Cooking with Darryl, recreated a breakfast meal prep, based on a ham, egg, and cheese recipe posted by one of our most creative Food Renegades, Genevieve LaMonaca(3.1 Million total followers) aka Chef Genevieve. Darryl does not hesitate to shout out Genevieve for giving him this idea, yet he adds different seasonings and substitutes plain cream cheese for chive and onion cream cheese to give an extra kick of flavor that he seeks for all of his creations. Their takes are still extremely similar and are not only low calorie, but are packed with protein and are perfect for on the go. All you have to do after prepping is stick them in the microwave for 30 seconds and you’re good to go. 

Eating is made to be pleasurable. These chefs are no joke, and are guaranteed to provide dishes and ideas that will satisfy any craving, especially when they get together. We continue to look forward to these fun collaborations learning effortless ways to fuel our bodies.

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