No matter what team you’re rooting for, the one thing we can all agree on is the need for an epic spread.

Darryl Postelnick, also known as Cooking with Darryl (3.3 million total followers) , stopped by “Chicago Today ” to share his favorite game day recipes. Aside from Darryl’s appearance on “Chicago Today,” he has led multiple other brand campaigns for companies such as Bacon Up, Weber, and Rhoback, where he has seen incredible success, and has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for these brands. Additionally, from June through December, Darryl generated over 50 million total views on content for just one of those campaigns. With his fanbase that just keeps growing, he continues to prove he is giving the people what they want and is having fun while doing it! 

He started his segment on “Chicago Today”  with one of his favorite recipes which he calls “Blue Cheese Boats.” This recipe is essentially adding your favorite fix-ins to a piece of romaine lettuce, allowing everyone at the party to assemble their own, and enjoy their boats just how they like them. Some of the ingredients provided were tomatoes, blue cheese, bacon, crispy onions, and his famous homemade blue cheese dressing. What a fun way to deliver your salad. 

Next he shows his take on Jalapeno Poppers. He makes it with breakfast sausage and mixes it in with garlic and onion cream cheese, shredded cheese, and chopped jalapenos. He then wraps it in bacon and serves it with a big bowl of ranch. The juiciest bite, and secret recipe we never knew we needed. 

The last recipe shown is Hawiian Roll French Dips. You can never go wrong with a slider, especially for the big game. He takes Hawaiian rolls, tops them with mozzarella cheese, and regular roast beef, then finishes them off with provolone, and a side of au jus. Never shy away from the good stuff.

While these were meant for football season, they are not exclusive to it, and he has already begun preparing for baseball season.  

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