Level Up Your Brands With The Pros- The Best Chefs On Social Media

In the competitive landscape of the culinary world, partnering with professional chefs can provide a significant boost to your brand’s reputation, engagement, and visibility. Chef Kelly Scott, Chef Genevieve LaMonaca, Chef Darian Bryan, and Chef Brandon Dearden not only possess culinary mastery but also have considerable influence among food enthusiasts. What better way to elevate your brand than by leveraging their expertise? 

Chef Kelly Scott (1.9 million total followers) is a professional chef, culinary instructor, and nutrition focused creator behind Kelly’s Clean Kitchen. The journey of getting into cooking was a roller coaster for Kelly. In her sophomore year as a D1 college volleyball player, she suffered a traumatic brain injury that disqualified her from college athletics. Her passion was in volleyball, so when that was ripped away she fell into a depression and a lesser known eating disorder, orthorexia.Because she didn’t trust anyone else to cook her food, she began cooking for herself. Through the process of cooking, she gained a new passion and started loving food again. Cooking was a huge part of pulling her out of her eating disorder and getting her on the road to recovery. With this new passion, she decided to attend The Culinary Institute of America after her undergrad.There she was professionally trained, and went on to work in multiple restaurants before starting her company in 2020. It is Kelly’s mission to educate others on how to cook and also help them find a passion through food! She deeply understands the seriousness of allergies and cooks catering to various diets and nutritional desires. Since the start of her business she has become a sought after private chef in Orange County, California, has released her own cookbook, The Basics Of Cooking, and has continued to create educational videos on her channels to help inspire others to cook in the kitchen. Many brands love to partner with Kelly for the reason that she is able to appeal to almost anyone, and connects with her audience on a very personal level. One of her partnerships that has totally changed the game for the brand is her collaboration with Hestan Culinary. Kelly speaking about their cookware and partnering with them has sales skyrocketing as her audience is always actively checking to see new products she is using and how they can better their own lives with them. 

Genevieve LaMonaca (3.1 Million total followers) aka Chef Genevieve, is a creative genius, health enthusiast, and food connoisseur. Genevieve discovered her passion for cooking at a very young age, and has since dedicated her life to food, fitness, and health by continually seeking healthier alternatives for everyday meals while maintaining bold flavors. After working as a high-profile private chef for three years she eventually shifted her career to the catering industry. She previously owned a highly successful top-rated Las Vegas catering company, and served high-profile clients such as Rolls Royce, Toll Brothers, Bentley, Nordstrom, Ferrari, MGM Entertainment, Maserati, Maverick Helicopters, Zo Skin Health Care, and H&M among many others. Furthermore, she continues to create content that breaks through social media clutter and has lasting impacts on the engagement and awareness of the brands she partners with. Her partnership with Cafe Casino has truly shifted brand awareness as Genevieve is constantly making innovative recipes and food art based off of games and driving incredible traffic to the Cafe Casino website. She has shed a new light on these online casino games that her followers can’t seem to get enough of. 

As for Chef Darian Bryan (90,500 total followers), he is a Jamaican chef bringing the heat to Buffalo, NY. He has been featured on Food Network, CBS News, ESPN, The Jamaican Observer, The Gleaner, TVJ and so much more. He arrived in the states in 2012 and has quickly risen to the spotlight through his pop-up fine dining dinners in surprising and unusual locations, private dinners and meal prep for Buffalo’s favorite NFL players, and his block long lines at his Jamaican pop-up events titled “Jerk Hut.” Chef Darian specializes in everything extra from his signature fedora hats and chef jacket styles, to his jewelry, to his colossal surf and turf. It is not everyday you come by such a trendy, ambitious, and talented chef that believes that chefs are rock stars and should be celebrated as such. Darian is a lover of food, but also a lover of life and appreciates the little things such as making memories and time for his family outside of work. This is why he recently partnered with AAA Travel for an unparalleled, stress-free vacation to Turks and Caicos, that included a perfectly curated itinerary by AAA Travel. If you can’t be Chef Darian why not travel like him? His viewers not only loved this collaboration, but greatly appreciated him showing what life is like for him outside of the kitchen. 

Chef Brandon Dearden (580,000 total followers) aka Chef Authorized, is a passionate and driven Executive chef with years of experience in fine dining within the restaurant and hospitality/resorts industry. Brandon has successfully made a name for himself throughout an extensive 20+year career in the culinary arts, with leadership roles in a number of award-winning restaurants and luxury hotels. Throughout his career that has spanned a number of organizations including Saison Hospitality Group, Wolfgang Puck’s At Hotel Bel-Air,  Aureole Las Vegas, Alinea in Chicago, Daniel Bouluds’ Dinex Group & The Breakers Resort, Brandon has demonstrated his business acumen quite successfully. He is now in Montana managing 3 restaurants and continuing to cook for A list celebrities and some of the top chefs in the world. Brandon continues to demonstrate his extensive capabilities while engaging his audience with his completely unordinary and original experiences, as well as his high quality farm to table recipes.

These talented chefs all bring something different to the table, and offer a personalized and unique approach on what cooking means to them. Partnering with professional chefs offers a multitude of opportunities to elevate your brand and establish a strong presence both on social media, and in the culinary world. By collaborating creatively, educating and inspiring your audience, and prioritizing quality, you can position your brand for long-term success in the food industry that has grown to be extremely competitive.

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