95 Million Views on Holiday Creations: 

  • Chef Genevieve has posted 30+ holiday themed food creations.
  • Garnered 95 million+ views across social media platforms.
    • 61 million+ views on Instagram
    • 34 million+ views on Tiktok. 

Chef Genevieve Food Art:

Chef Genevieve has created pieces of art with her food, from edible brains to mini pumpkins. The creativity doesn’t stop there! She has sculpted: Edible cotton swab ear wax, edible arms, ghost bananas, bloody “ground beef,” and so much more. She is the one stop shop for all holiday inspired foods. When coming upon her content, it is impossible to not watch and see how she does it. 


Chef Genevieve has seen tremendous success with her partnerships for her Holiday creations. Chef Gen’s spider web dip for El Supermarkets has gained 250K+ views. Her witch fingers for Cafe Casino has gained 320K+ views. Chef Genevieve receives quality comments on all posts, ranging from people asking specific recipe questions, to saying how impressive and creative all of her Halloween creations are. 

About Chef Genevieve:

Born in Canada, Genevieve discovered her passion for cooking at a very young age. She dedicated her life to food, fitness, and health by continually seeking healthier alternatives for everyday meals while maintaining bold flavors.

Her love of food and health ultimately led her to become certified as a personal trainer and later as a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist through Canadian Fitness Professionals. In 2011, Genevieve Moved to Las Vegas and enrolled in culinary school. She graduated with high honors with a Culinary Degree from the Art Institute of Las Vegas.

With her professional culinary training coupled with her background in fitness and nutrition, she decided to focus her career on special diets. She has a deep knowledge of specialty foods and diets including Paleo, Whole 30, ketogenic, LCHF, Dukan, and gluten-free.

After working as a high-profile private chef for three years she eventually shifted her career to the catering industry. She now owns a highly successful top-rated Las Vegas catering company (Finesse Catering and events) serving high-profile clients such as Rolls Royce, Toll Brothers, Bentley, Nordstrom, Ferrari, MGM Entertainment, Maserati, Maverick Helicopters, Zo Skin Healthcare, and H&M among many others.

Genevieve has a wide range of experience in the culinary industry ranging from working as a cook in a Four Diamond Michelin Star restaurant, working as a high-profile private chef, and most recently as a high-end event caterer serving all of Las Vegas.

Genevieve is also a mother of two. Please contact to book Chef Genevieve now!