The Number 1 Plant-Based Influencer to Book: Danielle Brown @healthygirlkitchen 6.2M Followers

Danielle Brown @healthygirlkitchen, with over 6.2 million followers, is the top plant-based food influencer to book for your next marketing campaign. Danielle Brown is among the top plant-based influencers on Instagram and TikTok. In addition to being a vegan food blogger, she is also a lifestyle influencer and a holistic health coach.

About The Viral Vegan Influencer:

Danielle Brown, known as the non-judgmental vegan, gives her audience a sense of belonging by creating a community open to everyone. Everybody is welcome in the HealthyGirl Kitchen, whether they are vegan or not. For the person who is plant curious, to the flexitarian, to the full-fledged vegan. It is a no judgement zone.

Danielle is one of the top vegan food influencers on social media due to her ability to connect with her followers. Book HealthyGirl Kitchen for content that is both trendy and engaging, which is shown by the consistent and organic growth of her audience. Through her leadership, this TikTok food influencer has developed a vegan community that encourages one another during their journey.

Danielle’s recipes are plant-based and quick and easy to prepare. In addition to mouthwatering vegan dishes, she provides tips for a healthy lifestyle. The authenticity of her content and her engaging personality make HealthyGirl Kitchen one of the most effective and top converting influencers for your next marketing campaign.

Danielle’s content appeals to so many because she can highlight the differences between herself and other plant-based influencers. Christina Brennan, President of the Digital Renegades, and top influencer agent, says this growth is no surprise. “Danielle is not only an amazing creator, but she also welcomes everyone, no matter where they are on their plant-based journey. She is a friend to all and encourages people to keep going no matter where they are at!”.

Viral Life- Changing Salad Series Garners Over 82 million Views:

Earlier this year, Danielle launched her first Life-Changing Salad Series, which became a viral hit and the top salad series within a few days of going live. In fact, her plant-based followers couldn’t get enough of her delicious yet simple recipes, which quickly expanded into a series in response to their rave reviews. This virial vegan series garnered over 82 million views!

See examples of Danielle’s most viral videos below:

  1. Fruit Salad
  2. Starting my plant-based diet
  3. Life Changing Salad
  4. Pasta Salad
  5. Lentil Salad
  6. Mango Mama Salad
  7. BBQ Chopped Salad
  8. Summer Rolls

Jaw Dropping Influencer Case Studies:

Not only does Danielle have extraordinary engagement, but she is also an influencer that converts.

Within weeks, Danielle Brown sold out a lines of vegan banana bread moving over 20,000 units.

The past summer Danielle partnered with Siggi’s yogurt producing a viral vegan Greek pasta salad.

She has been a top performing partner for GoRaw which she has been an ambassador for going on 6 months.

And lastly, HealthyGirl Kitchen is being sought by major retailers, including Walmart really making her brand a household name.

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