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Aesha Scott is a reality and media personality best known for her role on the hit reality franchise “Below Deck.” Scott was a fan-favorite on seasons four and five of “Below Deck: Mediterranean” and season one of “Below Deck: Down Under,” on which she will soon return for season two. Known for her entertaining antics, sidesplitting sense of humor and unmistakable voice, Scott has fast become one of the most popular stars in reality television.

Born in Tauranga, a small coastal city in New Zealand known for its gorgeous beaches and mountains, Scott grew up the middle child in a family of six children. She faced adversity at an early age with divorced parents, an alcoholic mother, siblings with mental health issues and a brother who died from a brain tumor. While these issues often tear families apart, it brought Scott’s family closer together. She attended a private Christian high school where she pursued dance and soccer. Scott went on to get a double science degree at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. After working in a kiwifruit lab following graduation, Scott decided she needed more adventure in her life and along with her sister went to Antibes, France, to look for work on a yacht. Her first job was as a deckhand on a small boat where she worked tirelessly for a difficult and unappreciative captain. She quit her job and returned home only to venture out again the following year, this time as a stewardess on a much larger boat where she finally got hooked on the yachting life. She worked on yachts for five years and was then approached about joining the “Below Deck” family.

Scott’s hobbies include paragliding, yoga, walking and she is a devout vegan. While she spends much of her time in New Zealand, she considers herself a nomad and has no permanent residence, instead choosing to travel the world by both land and sea.

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