Jessica Haizman Spring Cleaning and Lifestyle Influencer- Proven Converter

From spring cleaning content to brand deals and so much more, Jessica Haizman (1.5 million total followers) is always converting and influencing her audience to try out products and methods that she lives and swears by. Her spring cleaning challenge is a huge hit because it makes decluttering and getting rid of stuff easy, less overwhelming, and enticing. There are so many things that need to get done that somehow make their way to the bottom of the list and never actually end up getting cleaned up or taken care of. Jessica pushes a “you can do it too” mindset on her audience and lets them know that even as an aesthetic creator, she also loses control and needs a reset from time to time.

Jessica is a busy mother to a 2 ½ year old daughter and has another baby on the way. She is also a dog mom so you can only imagine how chaotic a day in her life is. She knows that she is not alone though as many of her followers mention that they can relate and appreciate her being so real with them. In addition to her cleaning content, she posts a ton about motherhood and simple products that take the edge off, and make her life a whole lot easier. One product that Jessica recently discovered was unisex toddler shoes that are stretchy, flexible, and easy to slip on. Now leaving the house takes half the time and there is no more tugging and forcing to squeeze her child’s foot into a narrow shoe with laces or velcros. Impressively, after Jessica posted only a handful of times about this product, her followers became obsessed and completely sold them out. One video about them received over 2,000 comments asking for the link. 

Being that she has a full house and is looking to keep everyone clean, safe, and protected, she values nontoxic products such as Azuna that keeps her air smelling and feeling fresh and clean so that the variety of smells constantly passing through is totally eliminated. Jessica’s partnership with Azuna has converted incredibly and she has been a long time ambassador of the brand.