We are so excited to announce that we have a new Renegade! Cassandra Lepore(@dietitiancass with 127,000 total followers) is a registered dietitian (RD) who advocates for sustainable and straightforward nutritional advice while debunking common nutrition myths shared across social media.

Cassandra first got into social media when she realized there was a significant amount of nutrition misinformation being spread with very little supporting facts. From there she began creating content with the goal of educating her audience on nutrition with evidence-based research. 

Cassandra has only been creating content for a short period of time, however she has managed to grow her platforms by being 100% authentic and emphasizing the importance of balance throughout her posts. Her audience admires her for showing why even as a dietitian, indulging is a part of life, and how it is necessary to enjoy your favorite foods and create a diet and routine that is sustainable rather than temporary. 

In addition to talking about the way she eats, she loves to share her favorite grocery store finds that are always changing depending on the store, the season, and new releases. Her followers also love these posts because it makes their trips to the grocery store faster, easier, and more exciting. They see her talk about a product and drop everything to find it. 

The options that she presents to her audience are not only enticing, however they are relatable. Often she shares quick meals as well as snacks that are both straightforward and convenient. Being that she along with her audience is always on the go, it is important that these options are established and presented in a way that lets people know that a delicious recipe does not demand much time. Her easy meal and snack options not only boost her engagement, but also increase the awareness of the brands she collaborates with. She recently partnered with Yes! Apples to make her own take of the viral apple donuts and her followers absolutely loved it commenting “These were the best apples I’ve ever had!” and “Need this ASAP!”

Prior to that video, she posted a three-ingredient meal recipe  that received over 1 million views and left her audience craving more. She knows what people want and what will healthily satisfy that voice in their head restricting them from binging.