Summer Grillin’ is heating up with The Food Renegades!

As the Summer is heating up across America some of social media’s biggest food creators are creating delicious recipes on grills and flat tops.  What millions of American’s want to know is the secrets to everything from developing flavor to cooking advice in a pizza oven and so much more.  Whether your platform de jure is Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube or any other social channel, The Food Renegades have the best of the best cooking up a storm for you.

Some of the largest brands in the world are seeking out our clients advice on how to impact consumers and convert them to customers. While it sounds easy, we in the industry know better. It takes great intellect, an engaged audience and a truly authentic love of a brand’s product(s) to really entice nice customers. As all brands big and small know, “selling in to retail is hard, selling out is really the goal”. Additionally, if you are a D2C brand, how do you convert a consumer to a customer and how to earn that relationship vs just logging a sale such as the classic Amazon axiom goes.  

Whether you are home-gating or tailgating, whether its at a family reunion or a block party, grilling is good and we have some of the best to do it including:

Matt Groark 3.5 million total followers

Darryl Postelnick 3.3 million total followers

Trazia Rae 2.4 million total followers

Jason Ortynski 1.6 million total followers

Kelly Ellison 930,000 total followers

Chef Genevieve LaMonaca 3 million total followers

Chef Darian Bryan 90,000 total followers

Mark Drabich 230,000 total followers

Millions upon millions of fans follow these iconic content creators. Each one has their own spin on what it is they want develop and share with their massive fan bases. Whether it’s a steak at 900 degrees with Cooking with Darryl or learning from “The Meat Teacher” Matt Groark @groarkboysbbq about how to use a pellet grill. Maybe its Chef Genevieve developing flavors for bacon wrapped scallops on her grill or maybe Mark serving up the best seafood recipes @funkyfishmonger and showing us how a delicate fish can be prepared in such a special way with a grill?

As a brand if you are looking to impact two of the biggest days of Summer (July 4th/Labor Day), let us provide you a detailed package of information with these incredible creators’ analytics and their passion so we make sure there is always authenticity in the partnership. We are interested in helping you with creative activations. Take Trazia Rae whose husband Josh Williams is a Xfinity Nascar driver. We created a program called Trackside with Trazia as she travels with her newborn and several of their pets to race tracks around the country in an RV. Imagine the impact of being at multiple races and meeting massive number of your consumers.

When your brand and/or company wants to engage with some of the industry’s most professional food content creators, let us know and we will provide a free analysis and overview showing which and how our clients can assist with your goals and objects. For more information, please contact Evan Morgenstein CEO