Liv Schreiber (@livschreiber)

Liv’s outgoing, bubly, rebellious and positive attitude is what has made her one of NYC’s fastest growing lifestyle influencers on TikTok (livschreiber), however she also runs one of the top e-commerce agencies in marketing. Knowing the ins and outs of social media, Liv has taken to her accounts to share her passions via her styling account (@styledbylivschreiber) and also in creating a community in NYC of people looking to make connections with one another. 

Liv’s management brand, Hot and Social has developed an event strategy where the attendees not only have an opportunity to meet and speak with their peers but an invitation to become friends in a world that many times seems so uninviting and cold. The events have continued to gain traction, and the waitlist for 

Liv comes from a family of entrepreneurs which you frequently will see in her content, as well as her GIANT dog named Rafael Nadog. 

Johnny Drinks, 4M+ Followers

With over 4 million followers, Johnny Drinks is the one of the most well known father/son duos on social media. What started as just a son recording his dad making a cocktail has turned into a brand that leaves their audience wanting more. Now, two years later, the two continue to create content that excites, educates, and inspires.

Whether it’s traveling, cooking, or making incredible cocktails – the father and son duo continue to leave their fans asking for more. Their videos aim to help people not only be a great host with their creative twists on drinks, but also to demonstrate some of the fundamental and traditional values their family cherishes. 

What separates this duo from other creators is not just the variety of their content such as their cocktails, lifestyle tips, POV videos and more, but their ability to create engaging short form as well as long form content. With over 2.85 million TikTok and IG followers as well as 1.12 million subscribers on YouTube, their audience continues to grow and they have created a community around Johnny Drinks.

Sandy Yawn, TV Personality and 623K IG Followers

With over three decades of yachting experience behind her, Captain Sandy Yawn is best known saving the lives on board a vessel during a fire in the pirate infested waters of the Red Sea, as well as commanding the crew aboard a 60 meter mega yacht on the BravoTV series Below Deck: Mediterranean. Yawn is among some of the most respected people in her industry, owing much of her success to being one of the only accomplished female captains in an extremely male dominated space.

Captain Sandy shares her unique perspective and brand of resilient leadership style that produces results, which makes her a fan-favorite. The Captain’s responsibility goes far beyond just managing a group of 20-somethings to do their job, but more is managing an entire group of people to perform at the highest level. Sandy is currently getting ready to film the next season of Below Deck, where she will further display the leadership skills which make her one of the best Captains in the business.

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Capt. Sandy Yawn inspires, entertains at Women in Conversation (

Mariyah May, 5.9M Followers

Although her legal name is Mariyah, everyone and their mother knows her as Mooyahyah or Moo! She was born and raised on a rock in the middle of the ocean… aka Hawaiʻi. School and volleyball lead her to a university in Texas where she currently resides.

Moo is beloved for so many things, including (but not limited to) being the class clown, outrageously long nails, cotton candy, rice art, gorgeous makeup looks, Hawaiʻi IG filters, and more…you name it, and Moo’s content has your interests covered.

Quarantine is how Moo ended up on social media and now she’s an entrepreneur ready to build her empire!

Jessica Haizman, 1.42M Followers

Jessica Haizman is a social media powerhouse! She has made a name for herself as an online educator, professional organizer, podcast host, writing enthusiast, and famous TikTok-er! She shares tangible advice daily on her social media platforms to help women create organizational systems and habits for a simpler, less stressful life!

This TikTok star is married to the love her life Alexander, and the couple shares an Australian shepherd named Bali. She enjoys visiting the beach, taking hikes, and watching rom-coms. The couple recently just welcomed a baby girl.

Jessica’s balanced lifestyle is an inspiration for her adoring followers everywhere!