Ally Batenhorst, (@allybatenhorst), 152k+ Followers

As the top outside hitter at Nebraska, Ally has had tremendous success in her career. She won numerous honors and awards during her Freshman and Sophomore years, such as the Big Ten Distinguished Scholar. As she enters this new season as a Junior, she does not anticipate slowing down as the team is currently undefeated and is currently ranked #1. Additionally she did a collaboration post with the official NCAA Women’s Volleyball account last week, and is quickly becoming a fan favorite across the volleyball world.

Xaria Bloom, (@xariabloom), 216K+ Followers

Meet Xaria, Mixed Martial Arts commentator, host, and personality who is also an ISMA certified personal trainer and NASM certified nutritionist certified in culinary and pastry arts by the New School of Cooking(LA).

Her 12+ year experience in commercial print modeling, and acting has helped her seamlessly make the transition from talent to live on camera host. She is passionate about using her platform and unique relationship to the combat sports community as a vehicle to inspire others to step outside their comfort zone and continually challenge limiting beliefs.

Sarah Grace MS RD, (@sarahgracemeck), 715K+ Followers

Sarah Grace Meck is a registered dietician, ex-D1 athlete and a business mentor on a mission to empower women and cut through the falsified nutrition noise. She has a thriving online business where she helps nutritionists like herself create their own businesses online. She is the founder of Fresh Fit N Healthy and the author of Chasing Freedom. She began her entrepreneur career with TikTok and Instagram accounts to help others reach their potential healthy lifestyle.

Jen Selter, (@jenselter), 40M+ Followers

Jen Selter is one of the biggest influencers in the world garnering recognition from Forbes, IMA, with over 40 million aggregate followers and 12.9 million followers on Instagram.

Her content, nicknamed the Huffington Post of millennials, her pages stretch from @idreamaboutfood, @squatspo, to @gramselter her adorable dog with over 27k followers.

Jen’s influence stretches around the world and everywhere she goes thousands flock to meet her.

Currently the spokesperson and an owner in BlendJet, a portable blender company, they have grown at a staggering rate. Strengthening her brand, she has also launched her own protein bar, Jensta Bar.

Currently on a ten-story billboard in Times Square, the Fitplan App trainer is one of the most influential health and wellness stars in the world.

The New York resident and fitness model has been featured in Maxim, Cosmo, Forbes, Life & Style, Women’s Health and continues to expand her reach across the world with the Jen Selter workouts!

Dara Torres, 12 Time Olympic Medalist

Dara Torres is a 12x Olympic medalist, SI model, NY Times Best Selling Author, TV Host, and mom.

We like to call her the female Shaq because she still has the physique of a 20 year old athlete in her 50’s.

Coining the phrase “age is just a number” Dara is an inspiration to everyone. She is also an entrepreneur as she has earned her Barre Method certification and opened studios to encourage women to take care of their health.

As a motivational speaker with international tours to award winning marketing campaigns, Dara inspires everyone to live their dreams no matter what their age