Mariyah May, (@mooyahyah), 6.2M Followers

Although her legal name is Mariyah, everyone and their mother knows her as Mooyahyah or Moo! She was born and raised on a rock in the middle of the ocean… aka Hawaiʻi. School and volleyball lead her to a university in Texas where she currently resides.

Moo is beloved for so many things, including (but not limited to) being the class clown, outrageously long nails, cotton candy, rice art, gorgeous makeup looks, Hawaiʻi IG filters, and more…you name it, and Moo’s content has your interests covered.

Quarantine is how Moo ended up on social media and now she’s an entrepreneur ready to build her empire!

Kyra Gallego, (@sheiskyra), 489K+ Followers

Kyra Gallego embodies the best things about today’s modern woman. The top TikTok influencer charismatic and well spoken, yet fun and free. Having to support herself through college, Kyra got a job at Sephora to help make ends meet.

When she started the young aspiring teacher fell in love with makeup and better yet, making people feel good through social media marketing .

Kyra continued to learn as much as she could about makeup and application and then stumbled upon the platform TikTok less than 6 months ago.

With over 25 million likes, Kyra ’s talented yet comical videos have taken the world by storm.

With over 97% female followers, Kyra speaks to every woman. The Native American, Mexican, Chinese, LGBTQ, and former college athlete stunner inspires everyone to be their true self.