Brianna Kohn, 1.1M Followers

Brianna Kohn is not only a model, but a professional dancer, trainer, and the founder of her own workout routine Body By Bree. Brianna has quickly emerged as one of the top fitness influencers on TikTok, already approaching nearly a million followers. Having a passion for dancing since she was a kid, after college she began to perform in numerous tours all across the United States. Now, Brianna has the goal of motivating others to become the best version of themselves not just from a fitness standpoint, but in confidence as well.

With much of her content being workouts that can be done at home, Brianna has specialized workouts for anyone looking to get in better shape. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, become stronger, or looking to stay in shape, Brianna has the workouts for you. Fitness to Brianna is all about seeing success while feeling your confidence grow, as her program is empowering for all people looking to focus on fitness.

Dara Torres, 14K Followers

Dara Torres is a 12x Olympic medalist, SI model, NY Times Best Selling Author, TV Host, and mom.

We like to call her the female Shaq because she still has the physique of a 20 year old athlete in her 50’s.

Coining the phrase “age is just a number” Dara is an inspiration to everyone. She is also an entrepreneur as she has earned her Barre Method certification and opened studios to encourage women to take care of their health.

As a motivational speaker with international tours to award winning marketing campaigns, Dara inspires everyone to live their dreams no matter what their age

Michael Jaroh, 2.3M Followers

Michael Jaroh is one of the best gymnasts in the country at Penn State with over 2.3M followers and 73M likes

Michael has a thriving social media built on inspiring others to achieve and making them laugh. While releasing great content on a daily basis, it’s amazing how Michael has been able to achieve the following:

  • All- Big Ten 1st Team Honors
  • Competed in the Men’s Gymnastics NCAA Championships
  • Won the 2018 Junior Olympic National Title on rings, 2nd on pommel horse, 3rd all around

From lifestyle, comedy, fitness, and more Michael is becoming an icon on and off the mat. He is the role model we needed!

Amanda Adams, 3.5M Followers

Amanda is a dancer and aerialist, who is part of the “Trampwall Tribe” a group of people dedicated to training, performing, coaching and creating with Trampwall. Buzzfeed just released a video on her, which you can check out here!

Amanda started dancing at just three years old, and eventually switched into circus arts at 18, in order to distinguish herself from the typical dancers she went to high school with. She even began competing on hip-hop dance teams! Up until the pandemic hit, Amanda got a job performing silks, but soon found her home at the Trampwall House, where she even met her current fiancé!