Renegades Sandy Yawn and Aesha Scott Set Sail For a New Season of Bravo’s Hit Television Show: Below Deck Mediterranean

Renegades Sandy Yawn (791,000 total followers) and  Aesha Scott (860,000 total followers) are setting sail for a new season of Bravo’s hit television show, Below Deck Mediterranean! Captain Sandy is back at sea for her eighth consecutive season in a row, and she is welcoming back familiar face Aesha Scott as her Chief Stew. Aesha previously starred on seasons 4 and 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean, and is excited to return. We love watching our renegades work together and overcome obstacles while making memories side by side. 

In this new season we get to see Aesha be her funny, desirable, and most authentic self. In her time away from the show though, this version of Aesha has remained true and is the reason so many bands continue to love working with her. She has partnered with brands such as Nutrafol, Fit Track, Pique, and so many others to create content that is genuine and her followers love. Being one of the most beloved personalities on Below Deck Mediterranean, Aesha has managed to grow her platforms and create a community that is obsessed with what she is doing, wearing, and using. Her audience quickly catches on and wants to participate in the comradery of these products. For these reasons Aesha has been able to drive incredible brand awareness resulting in skyrocketing sales and new customers for the brands she works with. 

Captain Sandy also is constantly showing her true colors and not backing down from anything or anyone. She knows how to take charge, and command any room she walks into. She is not only a perfect captain, but also a dream partner. In between filming seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean, Sandy not only tells her story, gives advice, and encourages her audiences at speaking engagements both virtually and in person, she also creates incredible content and relationships with various brands that embody and correspond with who she is at heart. Captain Sandy recently teamed up with Chips Ahoy to celebrate their 60th birthday. With a goal of engaging Gen Z, Chips Ahoy organized a 3 day celebration on a Chips Ahoy themed yacht that Sandy “christened” prior to hitting the seas. Throughout this special event she created content for both her socials as well as the Chips Ahoy social media that converted extremely well receiving  over 1.1 billion impressions, and being picked up by 18+ news outlets. This collaboration also resulted in incredible engagement with Gen. Z and Millennials across all social platforms. In addition to this, Sandy has also partnered with Azuna, an odor eliminator. She even helped create their  TT Marine edition,  an all natural antimicrobial tea tree oil-based odor eliminator & air purifier gel that delivers fresher, cleaner air on board your vessel. Sandy has continued to convert incredibly for Azuna, and her followers absolutely love everything it stands for and how passionate she is about their products. 

As Sandy and Aesha return to sea and try to navigate the wavy waters and challenges that this season presents, Sandy is simultaneously orchestrating a surprise for her partner Leah that will leave you in tears. Tune in to Bravo Mondays at 9pm EST  to watch these two take over the seas of Athens, Greece and all the laughs, cries, and drama that comes with it….

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