Victoria Tschopp, 885.1k Followers

Victoria Tschopp is an at-home & social media Chef with years of experience working in restaurants and hotels. Victoria produces some of the most simple but entertaining videos and recipes through social media. 

Her passion for food began at a young age with influences from her family and Indonesian roots. Some of the best childhood memories come from being in the kitchen, buying new cookbooks, and following along with Food Network to get inspired by new recipes. 

Victoria was 16 when she started working at her first “food industry” job at a sandwich shop and worked there for a year. When Victoria graduated high school, she was unsure of which direction she wanted to go in the food industry but she knew her passion kept bringing her back to food. Working at a wine & beer bar with a small, but amazing menu she expanded her knowledge in the kitchen learning from her mentor, head Chef, and co-workers. 

As Victoria’s career and passion advanced she attended The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York to pursue her Culinary Arts degree in college. In the middle of this program, Victoria went on her Externship working at Pebble Beach Resort in Monterey, California. 

2021 was the year Victoria started posting cooking videos on social media and grew her following from 15k-800k+ in less than a year on TikTok. Her goal is to teach people how to cook at home and have fun doing so! 

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