Tineke Younger (@tinekeyounger), 2.7M+ Followers

Tineke Younger (@tinekeyounger), 2.7M+ Followers

Tineke started cooking in 2019 when joining a culinary program at her local technical center just because she would get to try the food, however she fell in love with it almost instantly. Tineke knew this is what she wanted to do for a living, as her passion for cooking gave her the courage to share her recipes via social media.

Tineke’s first viral video came when she posted a video asking her boyfriend what he wanted for dinner, to which he responded steak mac n cheese. Without thinking anything of it Tineke recorded herself preparing the food and the video took off – getting over 14 millions views and gained Tineke over 300k followers in less than a week.Now Tineke has her own cookbook titled Cooking for My Boyfriend where you can find her famous steak mac n cheese recipe, and she also is a contestant on the upcoming 2nd season of Next Level Chef.

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