Liv Schreiber (@livschreiber)

Liv’s outgoing, bubly, rebellious and positive attitude is what has made her one of NYC’s fastest growing lifestyle influencers on TikTok (livschreiber), however she also runs one of the top e-commerce agencies in marketing. Knowing the ins and outs of social media, Liv has taken to her accounts to share her passions via her styling account (@styledbylivschreiber) and also in creating a community in NYC of people looking to make connections with one another. 

Liv’s management brand, Hot and Social has developed an event strategy where the attendees not only have an opportunity to meet and speak with their peers but an invitation to become friends in a world that many times seems so uninviting and cold. The events have continued to gain traction, and the waitlist for 

Liv comes from a family of entrepreneurs which you frequently will see in her content, as well as her GIANT dog named Rafael Nadog. 

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