Johnny Drinks, 4M+ Followers

With over 4 million followers, Johnny Drinks is the one of the most well known father/son duos on social media. What started as just a son recording his dad making a cocktail has turned into a brand that leaves their audience wanting more. Now, two years later, the two continue to create content that excites, educates, and inspires.

Whether it’s traveling, cooking, or making incredible cocktails – the father and son duo continue to leave their fans asking for more. Their videos aim to help people not only be a great host with their creative twists on drinks, but also to demonstrate some of the fundamental and traditional values their family cherishes. 

What separates this duo from other creators is not just the variety of their content such as their cocktails, lifestyle tips, POV videos and more, but their ability to create engaging short form as well as long form content. With over 2.85 million TikTok and IG followers as well as 1.12 million subscribers on YouTube, their audience continues to grow and they have created a community around Johnny Drinks.

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