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 Evan Martin (@the flavors with 766,000 total followers), is the Executive Chef at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Boston, MA, as well as a previous star on Food Networks, Supermarket Steakout. With over a decade of experience as a head chef in renowned hotel franchises, Chef Evan Martin has nearly perfected the art of food, and continues to create sensational dishes with bold flavors and exquisite presentations.

Since beginning to  post his  delicious meal ideas on social media, Evan has developed a community full of people that beg for recipes, remain engaged in his content, and are constantly tagging him in their recreations. Evan says, “ Being a black creator is difficult, but having a strong community that backs me makes it much easier to achieve my goals.”  He posts a wide range of content that consists of simple dishes for beginners, to complex ones that can challenge even a top chef! He prides himself on  helping others learn and grow, and bringing out the best in people. His larger than life personality aids his success and has a huge impact on his relationships with his audience. 

Chef Evan Martin has known his path since he was a child, and began cooking for his family and experimenting in the kitchen when he was in middle school. He later went on to culinary school to hone his skills and continue perfecting his skills. He says he always was and still is inspired by the kitchen everyday. 

Evan remains ambitious about growing his career, social media followings, and television presence. His abilities and confidence simultaneously continue to help him reach new highs and help him take off in the industry. He is a true inspiration to those young and old, and values his opportunities to help make a difference in the lives of others whether it be through food or his journey. 

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