Daven Gates, 1.2M Followers

Besides being a US soldier, Daven is also one of the most popular food influencers across social media. No matter what kind of food you are looking for, Daven’s content is sure to leave your mouth-watering. Whether you are in the mood for chicken, cod, lambchops, salmon, taco’s, smoothies or even donuts, Daven has the video for you.

Already having over 1.2 million followers on TikTok in addition to nearly 48K followers on Instagram, Daven’s accounts have grown at a rapid rate since beginning his social media journey. What separates Daven from other food creators isn’t just the incredible quality of the meals he prepares, but the variety of food he creates. Whether you want a healthy snack, an elegant dinner or a sweet dessert, you can find it all on his social media accounts. Keep a look out for his cookbook coming out September 30th!

The Digital Renegades

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