Daniella Shaba, 4.15M Followers

Willy Wonka has nothing on Daniella. 

With beginnings sharing fun food platters of snacks and treats on TikTok, Daniella is now the front woman of her large-scale candy shop operation out of Rancho, CA. Her audience, over 6 million, orders so much candy from her, that she keeps outgrowing her inventory HQ. 

For Daniella, quarantine boredom has grown to superstardom in the sweetest way. She is a master at evolving her content into what she’s passionate about, and skilled at enticing audiences and reeling people into whatever she’s doing. 

Daniella strives to be a source of light and fun for her audience. Her natural extroverted and lively personality has translated beautifully to the social space, where TikTokers have fallen in love with her, her content, and her candy. 

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