Clint Svatos, 765.6K Followers

Clint is a proud husband and father to 3 girls. One of his daughters, Lillian, is a diabetic, which Clint often uses as a way to spread awareness on diabetes. In addition to raising diabetes awareness, Clint uses his hashtag “Poor man comfort food” to provide affordable, yet delicious recipes for everyone to follow at home.

In addition to having close to 765K followers on TikTok and 32M likes, Clint also has his own cookbook for sale, which you can find here!

The Digital Renegades

Nicole Renard, 2.2M Followers

Nicole Renard spent most of her formative years dancing and participating in pageants, winning the title Miss Washington in 2017, which earned her a spot

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Danielle Brown is a popular vegan food blogger, content creator, certified holistic health coach,lifestyle influencer and the face behind HealthyGirl Kitchen. She shares easy, delicious,

Christine Payy, 690K Followers

Christine is all about creating easy, tasty, and most importantly, healthy recipes for all. Having had a passion for health & wellness since high school,

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Willy Wonka has nothing on Daniella.  With beginnings sharing fun food platters of snacks and treats on TikTok, Daniella is now the front woman of

Marco Sanchez, 1.65M Followers

Woodfire & Whiskey is Marco Sanchez’s gift to you. He takes you on a cinematic adventure every time he cooks, bringing you into each shot