Breanna Stark, 586.5K Followers

Breanna is always grilling up something good! Breanna, known as @marriedtobbq, loves teaching her followers that anyone can BBQ, even if you’re a total beginner.  Her lessons have reached audiences far and wide.

Based in Houston, Breanna and her husband Andrew, started Premier Cookers BBQ Team in 2014 and compete on the ICBA and KCBS circuits. However, their rise to social fame was not intentional. Their account was born when Breanna posted a recipe of their baby back ribs and it went viral on TikTok. From there, she decided to use her platform to do something she was passionate about. Her love for food came from working in restaurants and bars, and she loves that her skills and passions have transferred to the social space, where she can share her love and knowledge with her audience. 

Breanna’s audience has become a community, where novices and grill masters alike come together to learn and share tips and tricks with each other. She loves sharing recipes with fresh ingredients, and trying new, exciting, and experimental things.

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