Brianna Kohn, 1.2M Followers

Brianna Kohn is not only a model, but a professional dancer, trainer, and the founder of her own workout routine Body By Bree. Brianna has quickly emerged as one of the top fitness influencers on TikTok, already approaching nearly a million followers. Having a passion for dancing since she was a kid, after college she began to perform in numerous tours all across the United States. Now, Brianna has the goal of motivating others to become the best version of themselves not just from a fitness standpoint, but in confidence as well.

With much of her content being workouts that can be done at home, Brianna has specialized workouts for anyone looking to get in better shape. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, become stronger, or looking to stay in shape, Brianna has the workouts for you. Fitness to Brianna is all about seeing success while feeling your confidence grow, as her program is empowering for all people looking to focus on fitness.

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