Ashley Hupp, 2.9M followers

Ashley, better known as the Paradise Bartender, has been mixing drinks and shaking cocktails on TikTok since 2019, when a slow night working at a restaurant ended with her filming herself making a Mai Tai. She posted it on the platform, and it went viral. Since then, she has grown her audience to over 2.9 million, with over 77 million likes – and it just keeps growing by the day.

Currently living in Hawaii with her husband, Ashley has been delighting audiences with her enthusiastic personality and creative concoctions. Ashley’s profile gained traction during the pandemic, as people stuck at home turned to her for a daily dose of happiness, positivity, and a good drink that they could follow along with to make at home. She’s received outpouring support from her community, and has received mountains of ‘thank yous’ and kind words for the positive influence she has had on her audience during dark times. Her honesty and authenticity has built up an audience that acts like a community. Ashley loves that social media can allow her to change someone’s entire day for the better in just 60 seconds.

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