Anastasia Ashley, (anastasiaashley), 1.8M+ Followers

Anastasia Ashley, (anastasiaashley), 1.8M+ Followers

Professional Surfer Anastasia Ashley started surfing as a full-time pro after she obtained her high school degree. Achievements such as the 2003 Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award, winning the Professional Surfing Tour of America championship at the age of 16, and winning two National Scholastic Surfing Association Championships made putting college on hold an easy decision for the young surfing sensation.

But in August of 2008, her world would soon turn upside down when her mother lost a 3 year battle against Lou Gehrig’s disease. This athlete influencer turned to surfing to cope and opened up about her loss on a 2010 episode of MTV’s “World of Jenks,” a docu-series devoted to exploring lifestyles, views and careers of different people from different walks of life. The episode followed the 5’8 talent as she prepared for the US Open of Surfing. Following her MTV debut, Anastasia would then go on winning the world-famous Pipeline Women’s Pro Short Board championship in Hawaii, which was her biggest title to date.

Anastasia was previously on the women’s world tour of surfing and is focused on exploring her hometown waves of Hawaii and California with her eye ultimately on one of the most gutsy challenges a surfer can undertake. She is a popular influencer and model, as she is constantly building her brand on social media.

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