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Alex, also known as BigEats was born & bread in L.A and that’s where his flavors come from. Most of his inspiration comes from the passion for food that he’s had since he was a kid. Very often he eats at his local restaurant, remakes them and adds some of his Latin roots to those dishes at home. The results: viral sensation like his homemade Tapatio chips, Beignets, Birria Dumplings, Concha Cupcakes and many more. BigEats video style is precise, clean, and consistent.

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Rachel Parks is a plant-based recipe developer, food photographer and videographer inspired by colorful food. Her main focus is to showcase how making recipes from

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Nicole Renard spent most of her formative years dancing and participating in pageants, winning the title Miss Washington in 2017, which earned her a spot

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Jack Mancuso began his cooking career during college when he started grilling for his house full of roommates. He taught himself how to cook through

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Matt is a Dad of 2 awesome kids and has a wonderful wife of 17 years. He has been a registered nurse for 18 years,

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Join Timothy, also known as “That Cast Iron Guy”, on a cast iron cooking adventure! Tim, a 26 year old Hoosier, considers himself an at-home