We are so excited to announce that we have a new Renegade on board! Hannah Stewart (@myfamilydinnercom with 690,000 total followers), is the Founder of My Family Dinner. With over a decade of experience in simplifying meal prep, Hannah has revolutionized the way busy parents manage family meals.

As the founder of My Family Dinner, Hannah leverages a deep understanding of food and mathematics to create meal plans that save time, money, and energy. MyFamilyDinner has garnered a community of over 1.6 million followers across Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Youtube, and has transformed the mealtime routines of tens of thousands of families with its innovative done for you meal plans.

Hannah is not just a successful entrepreneur but also a working mom of four. Driven by the philosophy that meal prep should be straightforward and enjoyable, Hannah focuses on easy, delicious family dinners that require little to no cooking, allowing more time for self-care and family. It is safe to say that her family is not the only one obsessed with her creations. 

Hannah has managed to grow her platforms by being 100% authentic and relating to her followers on a very personal level. Hannah was able to identify a personal struggle, but knew she was not alone.  Her audience admires her for showing meal hacks made for everyone that are simple, delicious, cheaper, and long lasting fixes. She displays methods that eliminate the stress of preparing dinner every night, spending hours a week and hundreds of dollars at the grocery store, and never feeling your best due to the foods you consume.

The options that she presents to her audience are beyond enticing, and leave people wanting more. Her content continuously receives comments begging for her recipes, letting her know how much she has helped people, and asking what products she is using and loving. Being that she along with her audience is always on the go, and working long hours trying to provide, it is important that these options are established and presented in a way that lets people know that a delicious recipe does not demand much time, effort, or money.

Her easy meal prep ideas serve as an inspiration and do not only boost her engagement, but also increase the awareness of the brands she collaborates with. 

To work with Hannah please contact christina@celebexperts.com