Chef, Nomad, and now soon to be Mother- Nicole Renard announces her pregnancy

We have seen Nicole Renard (2.3 million total followers) be the Smoothie Bowl Girl, a Next Level Chef, and a travel connoisseur, but now is potentially the most exciting of all. Nicole recently announced her pregnancy, and is soon to be a mother. We are so excited for her and cannot wait to see how she shines in this new chapter of life!

It is clear that Nicole can do basically anything and be naturally great at it. She is able to thrive because of her great talents and desirable personality. Nicole continues to partner with incredible brands and has done national brand campaigns with companies such as Starbucks, Walmart, and Rebel Ice Cream. Nicole never fails to raise awareness and sales for the brands she works with. Her energy and attitude make products she talks about irresistible and her audience quickly hops on to the things she is passionate about. She is relatable and her audience is always highly engaged, leaving comments responding to things she talks about, her captions, and her content in general. 

When Nicole announced her pregnancy, her followers were not only over the moon excited for her, but they also left comments about going through the journey with her, that they were also pregnant, and being beyond supportive of her journey. She has truly grown an incredible community that continues to flourish because she is always authentic, showcases her real life, and is a true inspiration. 

This next chapter opens Nicole up to a whole new world of baby food, supplies, toys, apparel, and so much more. We already know Nicole will be a fantastic mom, and are patiently waiting for the arrival of her first child! 

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