CelebExperts LLC Ventures in the World of Pickleball with the Industry Leader Pickleball Pop-Ups™️

CelebExperts LLC is thrilled to announce that they are teaming up with Pickleball Pop-Ups™️, a visionary company dedicated to harnessing pickleball’s newfound popularity by utilizing temporary, mobile courts to create unparalleled pickleball experiences across the country and brand integrations. CelebExperts LLC, a top celebrity booking, marketing and sponsorship agency, is now taking over as the primary contact for Pickleball Pop-Ups™️ sponsorships, and is working with brands to elevate these pickleball events. Co-founded by Jakob Eliason and Adam Clay, Pickleball Pop-Ups™️ is on a mission to make the sport as fun, accessible, and lively as possible, not only for players, but viewers as well. Eliason and Clay along with the rest of their team are transforming corporate parks, ball rooms, trade show floors, and other wild, random, and unimaginable venues into pickleball events where friendships are forged and spirits can thrive. 

Pickleball’s rise in popularity across the United States has been nothing short of remarkable. What started as a niche sport primarily played in retirement communities has now spread to communities of all demographics and age groups, ultimately evolving into more than a sport. From coast to coast, people are picking up paddles and hitting the courts to enjoy this fast-paced and engaging game, and even those who are not partaking in the game are attending for the atmosphere. Pickleball events now serve as a venue for social interaction, friendly competition, and an overall good time. As the infatuation with Pickleball continues to grow, so does the need for more playing spaces. However with high construction fees, long development times, and zoning restrictions, it has not been all that easy…until now.

CEO of CelebExperts LLC, Evan Morgenstein, says, “I have been looking for an opportunity to get the company back to its roots of sports marketing. When I read a press release about Pickleball Pop-Ups™️, and Jakob and Adam, I was immediately struck with how innovative their strategy was. I knew we needed to work together. I  got my team together to review and everyone fell in love with their unique concept of creating social fitness and fun around Pickleball anywhere in America. We are going to do some great things together”.

Pickleball Pop-Ups™️ differs from any other company because they provide not only the capability to bring pickleball to any space, but the opportunity to collaborate with various brands and businesses to promote themselves as well. Both Eliason and Clay have backgrounds in B2B sales and marketing and have chosen to go that route, remaining focused on partnering with companies to produce multi-event concepts on the corporate event side. When considering venues that make sense and meet their standards, the first criteria that they look at is if there is enough space. Luckily because of the ability to leverage multiple types of courts, they can fit into the weird spaces that you’d likely never see pickleball. They can bring the fun anywhere! And no matter where they pop up, after every event people are recommending new locations and saying things like “you need to do this here,” and every idea is noted. 

Previously they have taken over Beale Street in Memphis, TN, participated in Shoptalk 2024 in Las Vegas, NV, and have hosted dozens of other events across the nation. 

The brand has gained tremendous recognition after only a short period of time, and remains ambitious about their plans and goals for the future. Pickleball is continuing to evolve beyond just being a sport, and the idea is to create spaces that can be enjoyed both on and off the court. After partnering with countless companies, they are expanding and searching for sponsorships from brands that want to be a part of the action. Packages for brands are priced depending on what they are looking to offer as well as what they would like to gain in return, in addition to a full service activation. 

Pickleball Pop-Ups™️ is the only provider in America able to deliver premium, temporary  pickleball experiences to any large-scale event. Co-founder Adam Clay says, “People love it! A pickleball party showing up to any site or venue – with mobile, premium courts, music, food, drinks, beer, merch, MC/crowd engagement, etc. – turns out to be an enormous source of joy for so many people. We see it every day. And we plan to be providing these experiences for a very long time.”

The success of Pickleball Pop-Ups™️ can be attributed to its accessibility, inclusivity, and emphasis on social interaction. Their ability to create spaces that welcome people as young as 8 years old to over 65 years old is truly incredible, and being that the majority of events require no entry fee, there is clearly no limit to who can be involved. As more and more people discover the joys of this dynamic sport, pickleball’s presence is sure to continue expanding, further solidifying its status as one of the nation’s favorite games. 

To see a Pickleball Pop-Up™️ in action, visit www.pickleballpopups.com.

If your company, brand, or client is interested in sponsoring this nationwide tour, please contact evan@celebexperts.com.