We Stand with our Servicemen and Women

Today, in honor of Veterans Day, we stand with our servicemen and women who have served and sacrificed in the U.S. military.

The Digital Renegades have the honor and privilege of recognizing three of our own, Brooke Brown @.cookwithbrooke, with 1.6 million followers and Marco Sanchez, @woodfireandwhiskey with 2.6 million followers, and Meghann Velazco, our Chief of Staff, who have previously served in our nation’s military.

We thank you for your service.

Brooke Brown enlisted in the US Air Force at 18 years old. Brooke was an F-16 crew chief, one of the few females in her MOS. Brooke’s first duty station was Misawa, Japan – where she did 2 tours at Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia. Brook spent her last 2 years at Shaw AFB in South Carolina, where she met her husband (also an AF crew chief).

Today, Brooke has over 1.6 million followers on social media. After losing her grandmother to Alzheimer’s, Brooke saw herself going through a health awakening. Previously known as the Keto Queen, Brooke began posting her journey on the keto diet. She quickly went viral after posting her first TikTok. Brooke’s current content has expanded beyond the Keto diet, while still maintaining an emphasis on health.

If you’re ready to @.cookwithbrooke, check it out here.

Marco Sanchez served in the US Army from 2005 – 2009. Marco worked as a 92F, a petroleum supply specialist. Marco completed an overseas tour in 2007, where he pulled tower guard duty in Baghdad, Iraq.

Woodfire and Whiskey was Marco’s second gift to his followers.  With over 2.6 million followers, Marco takes his audience on a cinematic adventure as well as supplying delicious recipes. Marco’s dishes are high in quality and even richer in flavor. Follow @woodfireandwhiskey for sweet, savory recipes with an edge you can only get from a veteran.

View on TikTok.

Meghann Velazco served in the US Army from 2011 – 2014. Stationed at Fort Sam Houston as a 68H, Optical Lab Technician she was also a member of the Decon Team. 

Currently Meghann is our Chief of Staff here at The Digital Renegades. This mom of five, is one of the most important people on our team. Not only does she assist our CEO, but also ensures everything runs smoothly. We can depend on Meghann for anything from ensuring our talent contracts are signed to a smile and a joke to turn around a hard day.

To follow Meghann, check her out here: Meghann Velazco | LinkedIn

The Number 1 Plant-Based Influencer to Book

The Number 1 Plant-Based Influencer to Book: Danielle Brown @healthygirlkitchen 6.2M Followers

Danielle Brown @healthygirlkitchen, with over 6.2 million followers, is the top plant-based food influencer to book for your next marketing campaign. Danielle Brown is among the top plant-based influencers on Instagram and TikTok. In addition to being a vegan food blogger, she is also a lifestyle influencer and a holistic health coach.

About The Viral Vegan Influencer:

Danielle Brown, known as the non-judgmental vegan, gives her audience a sense of belonging by creating a community open to everyone. Everybody is welcome in the HealthyGirl Kitchen, whether they are vegan or not. For the person who is plant curious, to the flexitarian, to the full-fledged vegan. It is a no judgement zone.

Danielle is one of the top vegan food influencers on social media due to her ability to connect with her followers. Book HealthyGirl Kitchen for content that is both trendy and engaging, which is shown by the consistent and organic growth of her audience. Through her leadership, this TikTok food influencer has developed a vegan community that encourages one another during their journey.

Danielle’s recipes are plant-based and quick and easy to prepare. In addition to mouthwatering vegan dishes, she provides tips for a healthy lifestyle. The authenticity of her content and her engaging personality make HealthyGirl Kitchen one of the most effective and top converting influencers for your next marketing campaign.

Danielle’s content appeals to so many because she can highlight the differences between herself and other plant-based influencers. Christina Brennan, President of the Digital Renegades, and top influencer agent, says this growth is no surprise. “Danielle is not only an amazing creator, but she also welcomes everyone, no matter where they are on their plant-based journey. She is a friend to all and encourages people to keep going no matter where they are at!”.

Viral Life- Changing Salad Series Garners Over 82 million Views:

Earlier this year, Danielle launched her first Life-Changing Salad Series, which became a viral hit and the top salad series within a few days of going live. In fact, her plant-based followers couldn’t get enough of her delicious yet simple recipes, which quickly expanded into a series in response to their rave reviews. This virial vegan series garnered over 82 million views!

See examples of Danielle’s most viral videos below:

  1. Fruit Salad
  2. Starting my plant-based diet
  3. Life Changing Salad
  4. Pasta Salad
  5. Lentil Salad
  6. Mango Mama Salad
  7. BBQ Chopped Salad
  8. Summer Rolls

Jaw Dropping Influencer Case Studies:

Not only does Danielle have extraordinary engagement, but she is also an influencer that converts.

Within weeks, Danielle Brown sold out a lines of vegan banana bread moving over 20,000 units.

The past summer Danielle partnered with Siggi’s yogurt producing a viral vegan Greek pasta salad.

She has been a top performing partner for GoRaw which she has been an ambassador for going on 6 months.

And lastly, HealthyGirl Kitchen is being sought by major retailers, including Walmart really making her brand a household name.

Book vegan influencer Danielle Brown NOW by contacting Christina Brennan, President of The Digital Renegades and top influencer talent agent, at christina@celebexperts.com

The Food Renegades Star Chef Kat Ashmore, 950k Followers, Helps Lead Viral Frito-Lay Campaign

Chef Kat Ashmore, influencer and TV producer, partners with Frito Lay to bring New Years Resolutions to new heights for 2022.

Chef Kat Ashmore of @katcancook was one of the first campaign partners to share what she is “never going to give up” for Frito Lay’s #FritoLayRickRoll challenge, and her campaign video has now surpassed a whopping 4.3 million views. Kat shares that she is never going to give up scrolling through social media in bed, pictured eating snack food; specifically, a bag of Frito Lay Brand Sunchips. “I gotta say, I sleep pretty well,” Kat remarks in response to those who might otherwise comment how bad phone usage before bed is for sleep quality.

Having developed recipes for Martha Stewart, as well as producing an Emmy award-winning TV series, Kat is a professionally trained chef. TikTok and Instagram Chef Kat was also a Food & Entertaining Buyer for Indigo, Canada’s largest book retailer, developing seasonal retail, cookbook, culinary assortments, and private label recipes. Now amassing over 950k followers across social channels, including her TikTok and Instagram account. The gluten-intolerant TikTok Chef creates recipes that like her, are gluten-free, including gluten-free desserts, gluten-free bread, gluten-free snacks, and more. Kat prides herself in creating recipes with real food that are attainable for any home chef to whip up. The top food influencer, food blogger, and health and wellness influencer has partnered with brands such as Ocean Spray, Instacart, Kroger, and Chobani to share her love of good and healthy food and having fun in the kitchen with her followers. Kat strongly believes that there is room for all foods in a healthy and balanced diet. 

You can book celebrity Chef Kat Ashmore for your next campaign by emailing Christina Brennan at christina@celebexperts.com.


#ad This is what I’m never gonna give up in 2020. Check out #FritoLayRickRoll and share yours!

♬ original sound – Kathleen Ashmore

We’ve all been there; you’re going about your otherwise normal day when you click on an innocent-looking link or are enjoying a quiet moment with a handful of friends when suddenly, out of nowhere, drums kick in and the sound of a familiar synthesizer confirms your shock: You have been Rickrolled.

Rick Astley, famous for his 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up,” has been a popular meme since before the word “meme” was part of common vocabulary. This new year, Frito Lay grabbed the bull by the horns of this iconic internet inside joke and turned it into a viral campaign, currently with over 6 Billion Views and thousands of user-generated videos. With a prompt video of Rick Astley himself, the call to action asks users to share what guilty pleasure they are “never going to give up” in 2022, and TikTok has taken off with the ask.

You can book The Food Renegades Chef influencer Kat Ashmore for your next campaign by emailing Christina Brennan at christina@celebexperts.com.

Social Media Outage: How FaceBook, Instagram & WhatsApp Went Inaccessible Without Warning

How the Outage Has Implications Extending Beyond The Average Social Media User

When users first reported seeing error messages across Facebook’s apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp at 11:40am Monday morning, no one expected an outage of over 5 hours to begin. Eventually, apps started to gradually come back to functionality, however this outage showed just how dependent the world has become on such platforms. At first, people turned to Twitter and Tiktok to make jokes about these apps being down, however as time passed it became a real issue to many who rely on social media accounts for business.

With Facebook already facing criticism for Frances Haugen, former product manager releasing research regarding Facebook knowing the harms their platforms can have on society, this further angered the public. Now with infrastructure responsible for coordinating traffic between its data centers being interrupted and cascaded to other data centers, the servers were immediately brought to a halt. One of the largest groups affected however was businesses operated through Facebook, as they were blindsided as to the outage and were given no reassurance as to when the sites would be back online.

With the COVID-19 pandemic giving influencer marketing an unbelievably important role in online sales, influencers were at a loss of words during the outage. Many influencers took to TikTok and Twitter to share their concerns for Facebook’s unreliability, as the platforms that allowed them to build a career for themselves unexpectedly shut down with no warning. One of the most popular grilling accounts on TikTok Matt Groark (@Groarkboysbbq) was one such participant, as can be seen in his video linked here.

Expanding past influencer marketing, many businesses use Facebook’s apps to communicate with customers, conduct outreach and further make online sales. With Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp out, businesses were scrambling for an alternative way of conducting business. Whether it be in the clothing, food or professional gaming industry, everyone was affected. Those businesses who heavily relied on Facebook and Instagram were unable to reach customers, and suffered incredible losses in sales despite only being offline for just over 5 hours. Businesses which relied on WhatsApp were typically those in the culinary field, which was used to take orders from customers and contact them upon delivery. Another result of the pandemic was the rising popularity of professional video game players, many of which use Facebook Gaming as their sole source of income, causing frustration and fear that another outage could result in drastic consequences for them.

Additionally, the system outage further affected Facebook employees due to their internal communications platform Workplace being non-functional as well. Here their security systems, scheduling tools, internal calendars as well as means of communicating with other employees and clients were rendered ineffective. 

To make matters worse, Facebook also has become the main login criteria for many unrelated apps and services. This included smart TV sign-in, shopping websites and any other internet-connected devices partnered with Facebook. With the sudden outage accompanied with limited knowledge of how Facebook can prevent an event like this from happening again, businesses have realized that having such a dependence on a site like this while being an enormous opportunity to grow their brand, can encounter the occasional problem as well.


Instagram and TikTok are their hoping new features will help spur higher engagement for influencer and brand’s social media profiles

In 2013, social media platform Snapchat implemented the idea of disappearing stories, which has since become a very mainstream feature in the social media industry. Since then, industry giants such as Instagram have added a story feature to their platform, which allows users to post a story for their followers to see for 24 hours before it is no longer visible.

Instagram stories have become one of the more popular aspects of the site, however companies and influencers realized the potential these stories can have on raising brand awareness as well as directing traffic to a website. One of the most important features Instagram has allowed in stories has been swipe-up links, which allows users to share external links in the frames of their stories. Most recently, Instagram has announced that they are doing away with swipe up links and replacing them with a linked Sticker option. 

This transition from swipe-up links to a linked sticker provides several advantages for both influencers as well as companies who are looking to draw traffic to their own website. From an influencer standpoint, the sticker allows for much more creativity, as the sticker’s size, style and placement is now at the discretion of the user. Social media expert Matt Navarra believes that this will result in influencers being able to maximize the story’s impact through this added creative opportunity when drafting Instagram stories. 

Navarra also has expressed that the sticker provides further engagement in comparison to a swipe-link, as it allows story viewers to give slide-up reactions. Previously stories with a swipe-up link prevented story viewers from doing quick responses or reactions with the post. Now however with the link being in a sticker, viewers now have the ability to swipe-up with quick responses, furthering audience engagement for influencers. 

As of right now, the linked sticker option is only available for verified users or users with over 10,000 followers. The goal is to eventually allow all accounts to have access to this feature, however with concerns regarding users potentially using this feature to spread false information, Instagram has decided to gradually make this feature available for the general population of the app’s users. 

With stories being such a successful feature on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, the newest dominant social media platform TikTok has just announced their launch of a story feature as well. Similar to other platforms, this story feature allows influencers to share short clips/videos that will disappear 24 hours after being posted. TikTok has become arguably the best platform for social media marketing since it’s explosion of popularity in 2020, and they believe this new feature will help further fan engagement between influencers and their audience. As of right now, TikTok is currently testing stories outside of the United States, however look for this feature to become a large part of social media marketing in the US soon.